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November 30, 2017
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From hospitals and government facilities, to data centers and office buildings, as well as other facilities, there are many types of facilities that can benefit from adding a bus shelter. Often, a facility will need to shuttle employees in from remote parking lots. A bus shelter provides employees, visitors and clients with a protected area sheltering them from the harsh weather such as wind, rain, or snow. Par-Kut International offers prefabricated bus shelters, also known as prefab bus shelters that will offer many benefits.

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First, the use of prefabricated or pre-assembled bus shelters or transit shelters is economical and cost effective. The costs of designing and erecting site built bus shelters often go up due to many unanticipated costs. Par-Kut provides a factory-assembled, welded steel bus shelter, which offers the convenience of design approval from your desktop and eliminates or minimizes unforeseen construction costs.

Secondly, a bus shelter or a transit shelter can be designed to reflect the designs of its neighborhood or its surrounding buildings. This can be done with various roof styles (hip, glable, etc.) and/or through the use of local materials in the design, such as a brick or stone wainscot. Furthermore, Par-Kut prefabricated steel bus shelters are painted in the customer’s choice of color.

Thirdly, Par-Kut prefab bus shelters and transit shelters are all factory-assembled, portable, and of welded, galvanized steel construction. Those bus shelters are easy to be moved and installed quickly using a crane or a fork lift.

Finally, Par-Kut prefabricated, welded, galvanized steel bus shelters are built of high-quality, durable steel and they withstand the harsh and unpleasant weather and are designed to last for decades. Par-Kut’s craftmanship and use of high quality materials ensure the durability of its bus shelters and transit shelters.

For more information about Par-Kut bus shelters or transit shelters, please go to https://www.parkutblog.com/contact/, contact us at 1-800-394-6599, or go to our official bus shelter page.

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