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April 30, 2015
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Depending on the type of application, your ticket booth design will vary.

Full time & year ’round ticket booths will be fully equipped with all the conveniences of a field office. These typically include heat and air conditioning, interior and exterior lighting, electrical outlets, and an electrical service panel. For year round
operations, ticket booths are often designed with architectural features that reflect
the surroundings and include features that make for a more comfortable operation even with changes in the weather due
to the seasons of the year.

Permanent ticket booths are often designed to include either
factory applied brick veneer or site installed masonry. When developing a scheme, the best plan for year round and seasonal, but permanent ticket booths, is for them to look “Designed in, Not added on”. Architecturally enhanced roof treatments such as hip, barrel vault and gable can be added at a premium. Additionally, a broader fascia and more roof overhang can be included for posting sales oriented signage and protecting customers from inclement weather.

Seasonal, but permanent ticket booths generally include full amenities, but may also include security shutters for off season storage in place. Some seasonal and portable booths will include similar protection over the limited number of windows adn might go a step further and be installed upon a fork liftable base that includes pockets for easy handling. Some other portable ticket booths are installed upon trailers, or even casters.

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Ticket Booth 12-303

Ticket booths for special events, tourist attractions and crowd venues need to have high visibility and high security as there is typically large quantities of cash and credit card receipts on hand. Built in money drawers, floor safes, deal trays, cashier windows, and intercoms are available. In the highest security settings, Par-Kut can even manufacture the ticket booth with bullet resistant construction.

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