Portable Steel Buildings Why a Portable Steel Building?

August 14, 2014

Factory assembled portable steel buildings offer significant advantages over site built structures in terms of finished building quality assurance, control of plans & designs and timing.


  • All materials either procured or fabricated prior to project start in factory, and checked against bill of materials.
  • Building prefabricated structures under our factory roof allows control not possible with an outdoor job site. There is no loss of material, no downtime due to weather, etc.
  • Established quality control processes provide customers measures of quality with milestone checks and hold points before and during the build process.
  • Highly skilled and experienced fabrication team members regularly deal with both standard and custom buildings. Longest lasting materials unsurpassed for quality and durability.

Design Flexibility

  • Standard floor plans for portable steel buildings are easily adapted to serve as all kinds of exterior shelter, in plant office, parking structure, security guard house, or smoke shelter.
  • Project specific approval drawings made to customer specification, and our factory craftsmen build according to the approved drawings.
  • Zero mobilization costs, trained and experienced factory crews.
  • Custom designs are created by our own drafting group. No need for outside, extra cost design work.
  • Traditional site built structures require sourcing multiple material suppliers, subcontractors and coordination thereof.
  • Reduce owner’s supervision needs due to off site, factory built structure.
  • Factory complete buildings include all components for structure, doors, windows, hvac & electric.
portable steel building
Portable Steel Building 14-089


  • “Off-the-shelf” models provide ready solutions for in-plant, security and other outdoor enclosures for substantially less than conventional, “stick-built” construction.
  • By design, all factory assembled buildings are movable. All units can be moved with crane, smaller booths can be moved with a fork lift.
portable steel building
Portable Steel Building 12-014
Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings

Design your security booths with Par-Kut

Par-Kut International, Inc. is a design build manufacturer of portable steel buildings: security booths, guard booths, guard houses, parking booths, ticket booths, toll booths, control booths, in plant offices, transit shelters and smoking shelters. Par-Kut's top-notch designers and skilled craftsmen transform your security booth design ideas into a unique, exceptional, beautiful and extraordinary reality.
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