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April 30, 2022
Guard Booth with Restroom
Guard House with Restroom

Having a guard booth with a built-in restroom allows your security officers to stay on post with only minor interruptions and to comfortable and function at their best. There are other reasons why you might want to equip your guard booth with a restroom. Par-Kut International designs and builds prefabricated welded steel security booths with built-in-restrooms. This blog attempts to explain further benefits of a Par-Kut guard booth with restroom.

A Par-Kut built-in-restroom guard booth can reduce downtime at your manned access control point. A security booth, guard house or entrance booth is typically at the perimeter, far away from the nearest bathroom in the main building. Even if it only takes the security officer 5-10 minutes to travel to the restroom, that means the security officer is gone for 10-20 minutes on a restroom run and the facility is not properly secured. If you have a built-in restroom guard house, the security guards would be gone just 2 or 3 minutes while they are actually in the bathroom. While these “bio breaks” are taken during no or low traffic times, it is possible that security can be enhanced with a one way window in the restroom door. To summarize, having a restroom built into your security booth can minimize the operational downtime.

In addition, having a restroom in your guard booth is advantageous when you are limited to a single guard on duty. Most security managers do not want the security personnel to leave their post unattended for restroom breaks if they have to travel to a bathroom in the main building. It is also beneficial when security management wants to have their guard house manned overnight, because the main buildings where the guards might enter to use the bathroom are often locked during this time.

Finally, installing a Par-Kut guard booth with restroom is straightforward. Once a ParKut guard booth with restroom is delivered to the site and set down over the utility stub-ups, a plumber will set the lavatory and water closet and install surface mounted (exposed) piping on the walls of the guard house restroom. As a premium option, the guard house can be specified to have a factory installed and complete plumbing package designed for a single water supply connection and one sewer hookup. Other optional restroom packages in Par-Kut guard booths include chemical, composting, or even electric toilets for those locations where running sewer and water pipes to a remote or distant post is too costly.

If you are interested in knowing more about Par-Kut prefabricated guard booth built-in-restrooms and the standard amenities and options, visit our official guard booth with restroom page, or call 1-800-394-6599

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