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March 29, 2022
Trailer Mounted Guard Booths

A portable guard booth provides all the usual benefits of a security station plus the advantages of portability. There are three types of portable guard booths: the standard portable guard booth, trailer mounted guard booths and mobile security booths with casters built in at the factory. Par-Kut International manufactures all these portable guard booth types. This blog explains the advantages of each type of Par-Kut portable security booth.

When your business manages a large-scale construction project, or your facility managers oversee projects where the site access checkpoints change over time, it is advantageous to install a Par-Kut standard portable security booth. One benefit of a Par-Kut portable guard booth is the easy installation. A welded steel Par-Kut portable guard booth is transported fully assembled to your facility on a flatbed truck and then the single unit welded steel guard booth is most simply off-loaded with a forklift. Larger guard booths, guard buildings or guard houses may need a crane to off-load. During the off-loading of the portable security booth, the booth will be set into place, leveled, anchored down to customer provided concrete slab with expansion bolts, and then, the security booth’s pre-wired circuit breaker panel will be connected to the onsite electrical service. The portable security booth is also easy to move in the future with a forklift or crane. The welded steel construction and lifting ring(s) in the roof come standard with all Par-Kut guard booths.

When your business or location requires rapid deployments during fast developing or temporary conditions, it is beneficial to use a Par-Kut mobile security booth or trailer mounted guard booth, because moving the mobile security booth or trailer mounted guard booth is much quicker than installing a standard bolted-down portable guard booth. A Par-Kut mobile guard booth is a guard booth on wheels, or with forklift pockets in the base or even skids mounted underneath the base. The Par-Kut trailer mounted guard booth is a security booth installed on a small flatbed utility trailer. Most non bullet resistant trailer mounted security booths can be pulled by a standard medium duty pick-up truck or SUV. Once detached, the trailer booths are quite stable with their leveling jacks extended and the tongue jack lowered. The trailer mounted guard booth is ideal for rapid deployment for airfields, oil fields, protests, strikes and other large crowd events. Of course Par-Kut’s trailer mounted guard booth is pre-assembled, pre-wired and furnished complete and ready for immediate use. Par-Kut also provide a power cord with plug so you can connect emergency or temporary power to it.

Additionally, a Par-Kut prefabricated portable guard booth provides reduced lead, build and downtime, and is more cost-effective than permanently installing a guard booth of stick-built construction. This is because the project manager needs to add architect/engineering cost and heavy machinery rental charges to the cost of the building structure, the business downtime, the installation, the required permits, and the cost of future expansion in stick-built construction. Further, using a Par-Kut mobile security booth or trailer mounted guard booth allows you to cut the added expenses and time of permanently installing a security booth, and is also more cost effective than having temporary portable guard booths at multiple locations.

In their own ways, each type of Par-Kut portable guard booth provides unique advantages. For more information about those Par-Kut portable guard booths, mobile security booths or trailer mounted guard booths, please contact 1-800-394-6599 or click the button below.

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