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February 28, 2022
Security Booth

Did you know why security booth designs are so critical to your business’s safety? A primary purpose of having a security booth is to discourage criminals from attacking your facility. The presence of a security booth, also known as guard booth or guard house deters unwanted visitors, theft, and vandalism. Therefore, choosing the security booth design is the most important decisions in choosing the right guard booth for your business. In this blog, we are focusing on the security booth design components: security features and options.

Par-Kut International, a premiere security booth manufacturer, recommends providing your security personnel in the guard booth a 360-degree field of vision.  This is accomplished by installing windows into all four sides of the guard house.  This 360-degree field of vision eliminates blind spots for the security booth attendants inside the booth and makes certain they are able to view all visitors who enter the facility. Those features are included in the Par-Kut standard security booth features.

One of the first security booth, portable security booth or prefabricated guard booth options that most businesses often request is exterior mounted floodlights.  If your manned security booth operates 24 hours a day, these floodlights allow for a much greater field of vision for the guards at night. However, they can also play a role as a deterrent as well, sending a signal to potential criminals that a security officer is currently present in the security booth.

The high threat level prefab security booth or portable guard booth options include bullet resistant enclosures and gun ports. Par-Kut can design and build a bullet resistant guard booth to meet all levels of bullet-resistance and ballistic levels including ballistic glass and impact-rated doors. Another common feature for high threat level security booths, guard booths or guard houses is the incorporation of gun ports into the guard booth design. Those high threat level security options ultimately deter the invader from entering the facility with the security booth.

Par-Kut security booths, guard booths and guard houses are prefabricated, portable and factory-assembled with 100% welded steel construction. Par-Kut designs and builds those portable steel buildings. For more information about Par-Kut security booth designs including security features and options, even types of security guard booths or size of security guard houses, please contact 1-800-394-6599 or click the button below.

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